Avery Dennison's Office Products Group is launching new products and software to enhance its Photo ID System. the company has expanded its range of ID badge supplies and accessories, introduced a new version of its software, and is poised to announce new business alliances that support the Photo ID product platform.

Version 2.0, the latest version of Photo ID software, supports a new OCR card reader, which enables attendants to scan a visitor's driver's license or business card and automatically import his or her photo and information into a visitor profile. To save time at meetings, conferences, and events, guests can also now be pre-enrolled using the new List Import Wizard.

Photo ID Software works with most Microsoft Windows-based PCs and desktop ink jet and laser printers. A System Kit lets any organization quickly convert from a paper logbook to an electronic visitor management system. The System Kit includes Photo ID Software 2.0, a starter pack of Photo ID badges and holders, Web camera, bar-code scanner, and USB hub. The new OCR card reader can be added to the system.

Avery Dennison also offers Photo ID badge supplies and accessories including self-adhesive badges, card stock badges and holders, and self-laminated badges for use with standard ink jet or laser printers. Three new products recently introduced are Photo ID self-expiring badge labels, fold & clip badges, and thermal badges for the Avery personal label printer. For more details, access www.photoID.avery.com or phone 800-732-8379.